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Drunk Beaver Distortion pedal top view
Drunk Beaver Distortion pedal side view
Drunk Beaver Distortion pedal jacks view
Drunk Beaver Distortion pedal internals


Evolved take on the classic DS-1 with modern and vintage vibes



Everyone has a legendary DS-1, your brother, sister, and granny 😅. The modern variant of DS-1 by Boss has several critical disadvantages for a current rig that we've addressed in the modified original '78 MIJ circuit:

  • The mids toggle has 3 presets stock DS-1, less scooped, and flat mids.
  • Modern (RC4580) and vintage (NOS MIJ, similar to one used from 94 till 2000) op-amp toggle.
  • Eight clipping options.
  • True bypass.
  • High-quality components.


  • Level - output volume.
  • Dist - the amount of gain.
  • Tone - controls the balance between low and high frequencies.
  • Mids toggle - controls mid frequencies scoop: stock DS-1, less scooped, and flat mids.
  • Mode switch - Boost (no diodes), LEDs, '78 (vintage Si diodes), '94 (1N914), Ge (asymmetrical NOS Soviet D9), Si (asymmetrical 1N914), MOS (MOSFET transistors), 4001 (1N4001 diodes,).
  • Op-amp toggle - selects modern (TI RC4580) or vintage (NOS MIJ) op-amp.
  • Muff toggle - adds Big Muff style transistor gain stage, makes the sound a bit more compressed and fat.
  • LED brightness trimmer - placed on the PCB trimmer allows you to adjust the status LED brightness.

Power supply

9V DC adapter (Boss-style negative center) not included. No batteries. They are bad for the environment 🌲.

Voltage: 9V

Current draw: 30.0 mA


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Lifetime Warranty - feel free to contact us if you have any troubles with a pedal!