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Drunk Beaver Tornado MK2 analog phaser pedal top view
Drunk Beaver Tornado MK2 analog phaser pedal side view
Drunk Beaver Tornado MK2 analog phaser pedal jacks view
Drunk Beaver Tornado MK2 analog phaser pedal internals

Tornado MK2

Explore a whirlwind of sound with a fully analog phaser


Estimated availability: June 2024


Tornado Phaser MK2 is a fully analog phaser that utilizes OTA AK317DC chips. It combines features from Ross™️ Phaser, EHX™️ Small Stone, and Blackout™️ Whetstone Phaser. Tornado Phaser lets you switch between two rates and range presets via a separate footswitch. Its cool features include vibrato mode, in-phase and out-of-phase phasing, ring mod, and chorus tones. Works great on clean and dirty (overdrive/distortion) guitar signals.


  • Effect Level - the amount of the modulated signal is mixed back with the input signal.
  • Resonance - feedback passed back to phaser stages; it adds some distortion to the signal.
  • Rate A/B - controls the modulation speed for each preset.
  • Range A/B toggle - switches between normal, fast, and slow rates, going from 40-second sweeps at the slowest to ring modulation and octave generation at the fastest.
  • Stages toggle - switches between 24, or 6 stages phaser; fewer stages means a more subtle effect.
  • Mode toggle - switches between 2 phasers (Phaser I - in-phase phasing, Phase O - out-of-phase) and vibrato modes.
  • Sweep toggle - switches between Wide and Shallow sweep modes for the LFO. It means how far modulated filters are going across the bandwidth.
  • LED brightness trimmers - placed on the PCB trimmers allow you to adjust the status LED brightness.

Power supply

9V DC adapter (Boss-style negative center) not included. No batteries. They are bad for the environment 🌲.

Voltage: 9V

Current draw: 10.0 mA


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Lifetime Warranty - feel free to contact us if you have any troubles with a pedal!