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Drunk Beaver Bat Cold War distortion pedal top view
Drunk Beaver Bat Cold War distortion pedal side view
Drunk Beaver Bat Cold War distortion pedal jacks view
Drunk Beaver Bat Cold War distortion pedal internals

Bat Cold War

Classic distortion tones and extensive flexibility


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BAT Cold War is our take on the classic Rat circuit with the ability to select different op-amp chips and six clipping options. For this version, we've used NOS (new old stock) LM308, and NOS Soviet UD1408 from 80th (Soviet reverse-engineered LM308 clone) operational amplifiers. You can explore different Rat voicing by selecting between 6 clipping options: boost (op-amp clipping - very loud), soft (op-amp feedback loop) BS170 MOSFETs (crunchy tones), soft NOS AAP-153 Germanium diodes (perfect for Bass), hard Silicon 1N914 diodes (same as classic Rat), red LEDs (like Turbo Rat), and NOS Soviet D9 Germanium diodes (similar to Your Dirty Rat).


  • Distortion - the amount of drive.
  • Filter - controls treble frequency response.
  • Volume - effect output level.
  • Op-Amp switch - a selection of two chips: West (LM308) and East (UD1408).
  • Mode switch - 6 clipping modes selection: Boost, Soft MOSFET, Soft Ge, Hard Si, Hard LED, and Hard Ge.
  • Fat switch - allows selecting bass level from 3 options: Stock (classic Rat), Fat (more low-end), and Low (a lot of bass).
  • LED brightness trimmer - placed on the PCB trimmer allows you to adjust the status LED brightness.

Power supply

9V DC adapter (Boss-style negative center) not included. No batteries. They are bad for the environment 🌲.

Voltage: 9V

Current draw: 1.7 mA


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Lifetime Warranty - feel free to contact us if you have any troubles with a pedal!